Casa Suárez offers the experience of distant destinations in a tangible way. Travel enthusiasts have an opportunity to fill their spaces with pieces from all around the world. Each piece is handmade and infused with the care of an artisan, as well as the intrigue of an exotic place.

we use sustainable materials. 

When it comes to furniture, using real wood makes a huge difference in the look, feel and integrity of the piece. Natural wood compliments any space, from classic to modern styles.

what we offer

Casa Suárez' unique collections combine Shabby Chic, Bohemian styles with modern design elements. They feature products made from various types of wood, that are harvested sustainably and FSC approved. 

we make things easy. 

Shopping for your home, office or any space should be enjoyable, not  complicated. 

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We believe quality shouldn't break your wallet. Our products are built to last and are truly affordable for what they're worth. Want to split you payments? No problem. 

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That's right, when you're buying Casa Suarez products made of wood, you're also planting a tree because 1% Casa Suarez sales go towards our Reforestation Program. 

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