FN Acacia Khimser Wooden Wardrobe for Hanging Clothes, Wall Decor.


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The FN Acacia Khimser wooden wardrobe helps you create functional, laundry, or utility room storage options.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 88x60x170cm

Material: Acacia

Country of Origin: India

  • This sleek wardrobe becomes a functional centerpiece in any room, adding charm and whimsy with ample storage and display space.
  • Add function throughout your home with this brown wood cabinet that offers the right amount of style to fit any room and provides the function that suits you.
  • This amazing closet keeps your everyday clothes and accessories organized. The cabinet is more durable and less likely to collapse.
  • A cabinet with two large drawers is ideal for storing cutlery, trinkets, towels, or other household items that you want easy access to while tucked away.
  • Drawers, shelves, and hanger bar, one piece of furniture for your entire wardrobe. It's the dream solution that works in three ways.

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