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Decorate your home in a Zen way 

To decorate your home in a zen way, it is essential to start with order. To do this, we will base ourselves on the method of the renowned Japanese organization consultant Marie Kondo: Chao to everything that is useless!

The first thing to do is to get rid of everything that is not essential and that takes up space in your home and causes clutter. A cluttered house can generate stress. According to the expert, "tidying up your home will help you tidy up your life".

A must in this style is to open the way to natural light, which means open the way to the sun. Try to open the curtains, you can also use candles that illuminate with warm light, simulating the sun's rays and harmonizing your spaces, they can be aromatic. Also, remember to ventilate your home to fill it with vitality and energy.

White: the perfect shade

White symbolizes purity and perfection. In the color psychologist it is associated with cleanliness, so this will be the preferred tone for our zen decoration, which will allow us to create contrasts when small details in other tones are added, either with accessories such as cushions, lamps or any decorative item.

The mirror of your home is also your mirror.

Something basic in Zen decoration is the use of mirrors, because according to the feng shui method, they activate the chi and prevent the exterior energy from merging with the interior. They neutralize negative aspects and help to give a wider perspective of the spaces.

If you are looking to adapt this style to your home, we invite you to take a look at the furniture we have for you at Casa Suarez, which we are sure will help you give the final Zen touch to all your spaces.

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