Acacia Khimser Natural Bed - Wood Platform Bed with Headboard


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Acacia Khimser Natural Bed 1.58m x 2.1m x 90cm BASANT NWH. Classic style and solid wood slat support, modern, therefore, the service life of this bed is longer.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 158x210x90cm

Material: Acacia

Country of Origin: India

  • Compact design allows passing through tight spaces such as stairs and doors, solid wood-slatted mattress support for increased mattress life.
  • The non-slip tape on the wooden slats keeps your mattress from moving, is easy to assemble, and no box spring is needed.
  • The acacia wood finish frame can ensure the durability and stability of the bed frame. 
  • This wooden bed is made from 100% solid wood that is sturdy enough to easily support the weight.
  • Complete your bedroom with this classic wooden bed. The simple deck design provides sufficient support without the use of a box spring, and the solid pine construction is strong and durable.
  • This useful design can save you space and make your room look more serenely uncluttered. 

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