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Casa Suarez Artificial Tree

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Immerse yourself in the soothing presence of nature brought to life. With its evergreen allure, this artificial plant transcends the boundaries of seasons, ensuring vibrant greenery year-round. Experience the joy of nature's presence in every moment with this exquisite botanical masterpiece.

Height: 150 cm

Material: Plastic

Meticulously designed to mirror the authentic beauty of a live plant, our artificial creation exudes a striking resemblance to reality, making it a flawless addition to any room or office decor.

Experience the everlasting beauty of our lifelike artificial plants, free from wilting and demanding no maintenance.

These exquisite creations infuse your living space with a constant touch of green life, freshness, and warmth throughout the year, revitalizing your home with a renewed aesthetic.

Crafted with premium-quality plastic, they exhibit an incredibly realistic appearance, radiating loveliness that endures without fading.

Embrace the beauty of nature, effortlessly preserved in the timeless allure of these high-quality faux plants.

Discover the versatility of our artificial plants, perfectly suited for an array of spaces including living rooms, bedrooms, grand entrances, dining rooms, and both indoor and outdoor contemporary décor.

They effortlessly elevate the ambiance, infusing vibrant hues, a sense of freshness, and a delightful cottage garden-like atmosphere.

Whether placed on decks, within small indoor gardens on grass, or in various other settings, these plants awaken your mood while maintaining their allure, all without the need for watering or any maintenance.

Unique & Artisan-Handmade

FSC-Certified Wood

Durable & Natural Materials

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Empowering Global Artisans

Plant a Tree With Every Purchase

What our customers are saying:

"I stumbled upon Casa Suarez while searching for unique furniture pieces, and I'm so glad I did! Their handmade furniture is a true work of art, and the craftsmanship is impeccable."

Emma Thompson

"I've purchased several pieces from Casa Suarez over the years, and I keep coming back for more. The durability of their furniture is remarkable, and it's clear that they take pride in creating pieces that stand the test of time."

Robert Wilson

"I was looking for a statement piece to elevate my bedroom, and Casa Suarez delivered with their stunning handmade bedside table. The elegance it brings to the space is beyond compare."

Nathan Mitchell


Casa Suarez furniture and home decor is crafted by expert artisans from around the world.



Sustainability is a core value for Casa Suarez. That is exactly why we follow a 'gold standard' when it comes to choosing materials. Many of our products are made from FSC approved wood - meaning the material for these items have been harvested from a sustainably managed forest.