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Iron Ruff Mango wood Wall Bookcase | Solid Wood Wall unit Storage Rack Shelves for Home and Office | 25x62x185 cm

$1,016.00 $1,129.00

Mango wood for an old-time classic, rigid iron for industrial chic, they now come together on this ladder shelf to bring a delicate touch of the past to your home.

LENGTH: 25cm
WIDTH: 62cm
HEIGHT: 185cm

Weight: 50.5 lbs

Material: Mango/Iron

Country of Origin: India

  • This stylish rack brings an industrial charm to your entrance while at the same time creates enough storage room for your books, keys, and other valuables.
  • No need to spend hours assembling this wood bookcase. With numbered parts and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be able to keep your books easily. 
  • This stylish bookcase features added stability when placed against a wall and a descending angled design that maximizes storage while saving space. Its small footprint is ideal for apartments, tiny homes, and dorm rooms.
  • This beautiful ladder shelf can be used for storing, displaying, organizing, and other indoor uses thanks to its fantastic design.
  • The design of the shelves allows you to store books, display flowers or treasures, and organize your belongings, among other things.
  • It will be an excellent choice for both home and office.
  • Well-made shelves, combined with high-quality hardware, provide a large weight capacity, allowing you to carry more books, flowers, or other items.
  • Also, the ladder shape allows it to stick firmly to the wall.

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