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Wooden Ring Range 2 Door Cabinet - Storage Cabinet | 112x43x75 cm

$862.00 $957.00

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The versatile design of the Wooden Ring Series 2-Door Storage Cabinet makes this unit a great addition to any room. Use it in your office, bedroom, living spaces, children's room, closet, or hallway. 

Length: 112 cm
Weight: 43 cm
Height: 75 cm
Weight: 69.4 lbs

Finish: Natural Finish + brass for metal

  • The Wooden Ring Range 2-Door Cabinet is a versatile unit for your folded clothes, shoes, toys, books, office supplies, and more.
  • Use it in any room to optimize your storage
  • The sturdy blend of wood and brass gives the multi-purpose wooden cabinet great stability.
  • It is a 2 door wood ring cabinet with durable construction and offers plenty of storage space.
  • Get the perfect 2-door storage cabinet for any room in your home. This cabinet provides ample storage space while adding natural charm to your bathroom, hallway, or kitchen.
  • All of these cabinets are designed with stability as a priority. Stable construction ensures a secure stand.
  • The overall appearance of the storage cabinet is quite dated, its rustic design makes it easily complement your home and office décor.

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