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Article: 5 Ways to Avoid Pains When Working From Home

5 Ways to Avoid Pains When Working From Home
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5 Ways to Avoid Pains When Working From Home

That's official! Working from home has become a reality for many of us. And although some people take longer to get used to it than others, there are always ways to make this new modality something very enjoyable. Casa Suarez  give you 5 tips to make your work from home experience more pleasant 

1. Have a Comfortable Space

Space is the most important thing when you decide to work from home. Therefore it is very necessary that you settle in a room that gives you calm, creativity and increases your productivity. Once you have found it you can start thinking about furniture. You need a very good desk that has enough space to hold your computer, your diaries, notes-book or any significant objects. It is also very practical if the desk has drawers to store your work tools.

On the other hand, the computer chair is also essential to decrease the pain in your body while working. Remember that a good physical and mental health is essential for succeed in your profesional life, therefore, in Casa Suarez we have the furniture you need to provide the greatest comfort to your office.

2. Give Style to Your Office

To give style to your office you can use furniture that highlight the spaces, curtains that give brightness to the room, rugs, colorful chairs or even sofas. Remember that the size of your office doesn't matter, you can make it look beautiful if you start playing with the space and combine your furniture with objects that make it stand out. Plants are also an excellent idea to give life and freshness to your office, they will also make the space look much more enjoyable and creative.


3. Keep Your Desk Organized

A tidy desk is synonymous of a tidy mind. The simple act of cleaning up your desk once a week will make your work greater. On the other hand, you will see how your ideas flow better in a clean space. A good trick to keep your desk tidy is to buy organizers to help you store your clutter. For example,  pencil boxes, clipboards and notebook compartments. You don’t  have to invest a lot to work in a clean space that stimulates all your wonderful ideas.

4. Surround Yourself With Objects That Inspire You

Our creativity depends on our space, and we are sure that there are certain objects that can help to enlighten you. As we said before, plants are a natural source of energy, you can also use pictures, photos, or sculptures that inspire you. You can decorate your spaces with lamps for more clarity and illumination or a large cork-board where you can put all your ideas.

5. Change Spaces

Sometimes it is also necessary to change spaces to get out of the monotony and go look for new ideas. You can adapt different spaces in your home for your work or you can also change all your furniture to give a new perspective to your office. On the other hand, always try to be in an illuminated place where you can look outside. Having a view helps us to stimulate our mind and perform better at work.


We hope these tips have been useful to make your home office very cozy and full of successful ideas.

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