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Article: Feng Shui: Harmonize your home to heal your life

Feng Shui: Harmonize your home to heal your life

Feng Shui: Harmonize your home to heal your life

The principle of Feng Shui is based on the fact that our home is a living entity where energy, balance, peace, and harmony reside.

To understand the universe of Feng Shui, we must realize that we are pure energy and vibration. Therefore, we must align ourselves with this to influence the energy we want to attract.

Find the balance 

A house that is too saturated is the reflection of a chaotic life, this means that we must balance the energy that surrounds us, and for this, we will use the concept of yin and yang.


Yin represents black, gray, and dark tones that appear more introspective and deep. On the contrary, yang represents clarity, light, and light colors. If our home lacks this balance, we will probably find ourselves with a house that is too opaque or too illuminated. For this not to happen, it is essential to find the balance and work with the contrasts we want to project in our temple.

Remember that one of the principles of Feng Shui is based on balance.

The 5 elements


The 5 elements are actually the 5 ways in which energy manifests itself.

We must keep these elements in mind when decorating our home and ensure that they are all distributed in a balanced way in the house so as not to attract more energy than we want.

  • Wood: When we think of wood, we think of a warm and cozy home. Having wooden furniture or plants is the best alternative to attract those feelings.
  • Fire: fire is passion. Decorate your home with candles, lights, and bright colors, and make sure your home has windows to add light.
  • Earth: The earth is what gives us stability. This can be complemented with articles in clay, ceramic, and tiles.
  • Metal: Metal focuses our energy and promotes our concentration. Therefore metal objects cannot be missing in your home. Be careful not to add too much and make your spaces too cold using a lot of metal.
  • Water: To give a touch of freshness and movement to your home, the element of water is essential. We can use fish tanks, fountains, glass objects, or bright items.


    What influence do the shapes have on your home?

    Very simple. We will classify the shapes into two categories, round and square. In Feng Shui, round shapes represent creativity and coziness, while square shapes represent order, systematic thinking, and discipline.

    Too many square shapes can focus your home's energy into a rigid and unwelcoming space, and too many round shapes attract a lack of stability.

    This principle is fundamental when decorating your home and choosing your furniture.


    Your home is your temple

    Repeat it as many times as necessary because this is an absolute truth.
    Feng Shui seeks the harmony of your home and your life. Therefore it is essential to be aware that absolutely everything has an intention and influences that energy.

    For example, colors through their vibration can affect your emotions, clutter and dirt cause the energy to stagnate, and consequently, your life is also stagnant.
    To attract what we want to our life, we must consider how we manifest it. That is why it is vital to remodel your home. As simple as that, if you feel that maybe a piece of furniture, a decoration, a picture, or a photo brings you bad memories and is no longer part of what you dream or want to attract, get rid of them.

    Ask yourself what makes you vibrate and surround yourself with things you love.

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