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Article: How to decorate your living room in 1, 2, 3!

How to decorate your living room in 1, 2, 3!
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How to decorate your living room in 1, 2, 3!

The living room is one of the most important spaces, it is where we receive visitors, where we spend time chatting and even have a nice cup of tea. We also relax there after a hectic day at work and the decoration we choose is key to define the style and taste of the place.

At Casa Suarez we have everything you need to make your home, especially your living room, the most comfortable and best decorated space possible.

Carpets, furniture, chairs, coffee tables and lamps will make the difference. We are going to explain why:

1. Carpets:

They can transform any space, as they allow there to be a contrast with the colour and shape of the floor. They also generate more sophisticated designs, provide safety, preventing slips and falls and retain dust. They are acoustic insulators and provide comfort and ergonomics.

2. Sofas:

This is the key piece of the place, it is what will generate the dynamism and comfort that we need. The number of pieces of sofas should cover the space strategically, so that the room is not abandoned but not saturated.

The choice of colour will also be important, if the walls and background of the room are very dark, it will be preferable to choose lighter furniture and vice versa.

3. Armchairs:

The armchairs should be placed in such a way that they do not interrupt the view of those sitting in the room so that they can converse quietly. They should also match the colours of the furniture and carpet chosen, this will allow the decoration of the place not to be overloaded and not to be perceived as disorderly.

4. Coffee table:

This element is extremely important and indispensable in a living room, it is the one that places people and is the axis, the focus that generates orientation. Thanks to the coffee table it will be possible to feel more comfortable when having a drink or a meal, as leaving the plates or glasses on it will liven up the meeting. Wood or metal are materials that are known to make coffee tables stand out.

5. Lamps: 

They are the ones that finally bring warmth to the place, lighting plays a fundamental role when decorating a space. Their shapes and colours can be chosen freely according to the furniture, chairs and coffee table previously selected. The idea is that everything combines and harmonises in the best way to achieve the result we hope for. 


Don't wait any longer to build the place of your dreams. At Casa Suarez you will always find fascinating ideas, quality items and a specialised service, completely oriented to satisfy your needs. 

Best? You can take them home for reasonable prices, using the promo codes SUMMERSALE30 for our customers all across Canada and LOCALONLY40 if you are located 25 km (or less) from our warehouses in Calgary, Quebec City and Montreal. 


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