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Clear the Clutter in Your Home: Time for a Spring Clean

It's time to shake off the snow of winter and let the fresh, renewed air of spring into your home. Plan your Spring renovation with our practical guide.


Start by Cleaning and Airing Your Home

You can start with something as simple as your curtains. You can use a spring fragrance and leave the windows open to let fresh air into your room. This will give your room a sense of cleanliness and inspire you.

You can use soaps, candles or incense to give your home a unique scent and a feeling of freshness. Additionally, you can do the same with your floors and walls. Make them look clean and clear. Remember that the key is fragrance.


Make the Most of Daylight 

With the spring arrival, the days start to get brighter. Hence you must take advantage of the sun's rays to light up your home. Keep your windows clean and move some of the furniture in your house to make the light fill your space.


Change the Decoration of Your Home 

Surely if you live in a country with seasons, you adapt your home for winter. Well, it's time to put away warm rugs, thick fabrics and wool blankets to give your home a lighter air. Switch the curtains, remove the carpets and use light and fresh textiles to make you feel warm and fresh. Find inspiration and palettes to renew your home.

Get Rid of What Is No Longer Useful to You

Get rid of items you have been hanging around for years but haven't gotten rid of for some reason. Start with your closet, separate clothes you no longer wear and give them away. You will see how your wardrobe will look much neater. Inspect every corner, Kitchen, bathroom, living room, studio and give away or sell anything you consider unnecessary. Then say goodbye to attachments and say hello to new things. A good trick is to think, if you haven't used it in the last 3 years, you're not going to use it anymore.


Surround Yourself With Nature

Spring is the season where flowers bloom and trees begin to grow, so it's a good idea to fill your home with them. You can get different houseplants at a nursery. Once they are in your home, take care of them as they deserve. Dust the leaves, prune the dry ones and fertilize the soil so that they bloom and green up in all their splendour.


New Season, New Air

Be inspired by the freshness and delicacy of spring to play with colours, furniture, spaces, objects and decoration. Take advantage of this beautiful season to give a new air to your home. 


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