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Tips for Redecorating Your Studio

It is very important to work or study in a space that helps you to be more proactive. Although it often seems insignificant, the size of the tables, the objects on our desk or the lighting, influence the way we work. Therefore, we want to teach you how to harmonize your workplace to make the energy flow much better.

Start by Tidying up the Place 

A tidy space helps us to have much clearer ideas, gives us confidence and tranquility. Therefore, the first thing you should do is get rid of everything you don't need. Clear your workplace and keep only what makes the energy flow in your space. You will see how this helps to clear your mind and focus on what you need. 

Place Your Desk Strategically

The way you place your desk will have a great impact on your productivity. If you can place it near a window or a place that generates peace and quiet, it is ideal, this will avoid creative blockages or getting tired. It is important that you keep in mind to avoid working facing a wall or a solid surface. 

Decorate Your Place With Objects That Inspire You 

You can decorate your space with phrases that motivate you to work, with photos of people you love, with plants or other objects that give a pleasant atmosphere to your studio. Smells are also very important to generate more creativity and concentration. Therefore, in Casa Suarez we recommend you to decorate with candles or incense to help you calm your mind and have a better flow in your work. 

Light Up Your Space

It is important that you never lack of light when you work and ideally it should be natural light. Natural light is ideal to improve your concentration and feel more comfortable. If your workspace does not have natural light, you can illuminate the space with desk lamps and a good white light bulb that does not strain your sight too much.  

Invest in a Good Desk 

A quality desk is essential to harmonize your workspace. Try to choose wood as a material to give more stability, support and durability to your desk. Also keep in mind that it should have a good amount of space so that you can put everything you need on it and not feel trapped. At Casa Suarez we have different models of desks that will help your studio look beautiful. 


This is how with some changes you can bring a new air to your workplace or studio. Start creating with Casa Suarez harmonious environments that help you to be more productive and creative.


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